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The project

The expertise developed by the ELIPPSE project partners is organized along the structural electronics value-chain.


Thanks to the developments and technological / scientific progresses, several challenges have been overcome for the various processes of the In-Mold Electronics technology.


The complementary competencies of the partners enable the achievement of a common objective: to offer a technology for the electronic functionalisation of 3D plastic parts, thanks to printed electronics.

In-mold Electronics: The Value Chain

Conductive & Stretchable Ink & Functional Film Development

Modelling and simulation & Thermoforming

Overmoulding & Validation


Inks conductive

Development and optimisation of new formulations for stretchable conductive inks, compatible with the structural electronics manufacturing processes requirements. 

Main strength:

  • Stretchability improvement
  • Electrical conductivity improvement

Conductive ink compatible with structural electronics applications


Printed electronics by screen-printing

Development and optimisation of printed electronics processes suitable for new functional inks and multi-layered architectures. 

Main strength:

  • Solutions for multi-layered functional printing
  • Design methodology for electronic functions and connection

Highly integrated functionalities: lighting, sensors, connection, etc.


Thermoforming of functional films

Development and optimisation of functional film thermoforming process to achieve complex 3D shapes.

Main strength: 

  • Optimised design of thermoforming tools
  • Adapted process parameters depending on materials and geometries

Functional films thermoformed with high aspect ratios 


Overmoulding of 3D functional films

Development and optimisation of the overmoulding process to integrate functional films in 3D plastic parts.  

Main strength: 

  • Optimised design of the overmoulding tools and the associated automation systems
  • Adapted process parameters depending on materials and geometries

Reliable integration of electronics functionalities in 3D plastic parts using technical polymers

3D Overmoulding


Development of the functional evaluation methods for IME 3D parts in order to ensure their performances and reliability.

Main strength: 

  • Adapted testing methods to evaluate the IME parts performances
  • IME parts ageing characterisation

Multi-parameter analysis method for the qualification of IME parts

3D Overmoulding


Development of methodologies and numerical simulation tools for the thermoforming and overmoulding of printed electronics.

Main strength:

  • Prediction of electronic functions distortion during thermoforming
  • Prediction of electronic functions damaging during overmoulding

Assisting tools and methods for the design of IME products and the optimisation of processes

Design of plastronic products

Definition of electronic architectures design methodologies for structural electronics and IME.

Main strength: 

  • Integration of geometrical constraints in the localisation of functions
  • Integration of constraints related to the manufacturing processes

Design method taking into account the whole value chain

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